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  • Never ever use chlorine tablets in a floater, or in the skimmer.
  • Never ever drain your vinyl pool below bottom of skimmer. It can ruin your liner.
  • To change water, add new water at the same time and speed as removing the old water.
  • Never let your pool overflow during rain or while adding water to pool.
  • Sodium Dichlor granular is friendlier chlorine for vinyl liner pools. Predissolve before adding to pool.
  • Never use calcium hypochloride granular chlorine in a vinyl pool. (It is often sold as a shock treatment.)
  • The best shock treatment for vinyl pools is non-chlorine oxidizers like monopersulfates.
  • Keep chlorine level between 1.0 and 1.5 PPM. Not over 2.0 PPM. Never use gas chlorine. It can void liner warranty
  • Liquid Chlorine should not be used as your primary Chlorine. It can make the vinyl brittle over time.
  • Using liquid chlorine every 4th time can be beneficial. It can slow down over-conditioning.
  • PH is very, very important. Keep it between 7.2 and 7.6. PH should be check weekly or more often.
  • Never use manual vacuum heads with wheels. Only use ones with plastic bristles.
  • Only use cleaning equipment that is designed for vinyl pools. Using the wrong tools can harm liner.
  • Check equipment often for rough edges or chips. Most holes in liners are caused by cleaning tools.
  • Holes in liners must be repaired underwater by using vinyl pool repair kits or call ABCO.
  • Lifespan and Beauty of your liner can be vastly reduced by improper water chemistry.
  • Keep waterline clean. Only use a soft sponge or a soft cotton cloth and a drop of dish soap and rinse.
  • Do not use tile and vinyl cleaner or anything abrasive. It can harm the clear U.V. coating on the liner.
  • Call ABCO for a whole new liner or for a repair to your vinyl liner.
    Questions? (858) 541-2226
  • Be safe! Never leave children unattended. Enjoy your summer!

ABCO recommends that you consult your pool professional before using any of these tips. ABCO assumes no liability or responsibility for problems or damage incurred in using these tips.